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The Clock is Ticking! (Fri July 1st 9:00am pst)

Support “Full Spectrum,” a film project to create a new social image of who scientists are and who can be scientists.

Support this great documentary film project by our very own Bryan Mendez! There are only 6 days left in Seed & Spark’s Untold Story Crowdfunding Rally and we need as many followers and pledges to come on board as possible in these final days! We need $9k to be pledged in order to get ANY money at all to kick start this project, and we need at least 500 followers to make it to the next round of competition – only the top 10 films with the highest followers advance to the next round with possibility of matching funds from Project Greenlight. We have heard you may need to try multiple times to follow the film on Seed & Spark, but please be persistent if it doesn’t work the first time!

Help spread the word far and wide, every little bit helps, and this is just another way we are working to make science more inclusive…

DONATE and follow the project here:

You can also follow the film’s Facebook page here:

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