Make & Take Activities

“Make & Take” Activities are informal or general education activities that can be adapted for public programs at museums and science centers or after-school programs. They are simple, hands-on, craftsy with easily accessible materials, inexpensive to prepare, and can either work as a demonstration or result in a product that can be taken home.

Activities for a Sunny Day


Ancient Sun Observations - How did ancient civilizations study the Sun? (age level 10 and up)

Cook with a Solar Oven - Can you cook using the Sun? (age level 10 and up)

Make a Prism - What colors of light come from the Sun? (age level 10 and up)

Measure the Sun's size How can you measure the Sun's real size (age level 10 and up)

Solar Clock

My Solar Eclipse

Invisible Light: Ultraviolet (ages 10 and up)

Activities for Any Day (sunny or non-sunny)

Draw A Scientist. Students draw their idea of "a scientist doing science." (ages 5 and up)

Edible Sun (any age) - Make a model of the Sun that you can eat.

Our 3D Sun (ages 10 and up)

How Big are the Sun and Moon? (ages 7 and up)

Detect Solar Storms (ages 13 and up)

Hot Equator, Cold Poles (ages 10 and up)

Model the Sun and Earth (ages 10 and up)

Solar Convection (ages 10 and up)

Explore the Electromagnetic Spectrum (ages 10 and up)

Solar Flare Flip Book (ages 7 and up)

Eclipse Flip Book

Solar Energy-related Activities

Shoebox Solar Water Heater

Solar Pizza Box Cooker
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