Eclipse Resources

NASA's Eclipse 2017 webpage — maps, resources, safety considerations and much more.

Eclipse 2017 Information and Safe Viewing Booklet from the National Science Teachers Association (by Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz):

white ring of sun's corona against black spaceEclipse guide booklet for libraries and librarians:

Educational children’s book, published by the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association), When the Sun Goes Dark.   See:

Archived webinar for NISENet for educators who want to prepare for the eclipse, with resources available:

Our filmmaker partners Mark Bender and Elizabeth Buckley -

Interactive Google Map with extensive information for any location, just zoom in and click on any location to find that location's totality duration

Fred "Mr. Eclipse" Espenak's page for the 2017 eclipse - and his eclipse predictions website -

A great page with national maps of the eclipse -

Maps, articles, safety advice and more:

PDFs of solar eclipse related articles in NSTA journals for free distribution to educators

There have been a number of solar eclipse related articles in the NSTA (National Science Teacher Association) journals, including an insert of the free Eclipse Observing Guide (from Solar Science) in the March issues of Science and Children, Science Scope and The Science Teacher. NSTA has generously made PDFs available for each of these articles:

For middle school level educators:
1. Science Scope - Mar2017 - The August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, The Perfect Opportunity to Highlight Three-Dimensional Science Learning by Schatz and Fraknoi
2. Science Scope - Mar2017 - Science Teachers as Community Eclipse Outreach Agents by Fraknoi and Schatz
3. Science Scope - Oct2016 - Exploring Lunar and Solar Eclipses via a 3-D Modeling Design Task by Miranda, Kruse and Hermann

For elementary and early learner educators:
4. Science & Children - Jan2017 - Get Ready for the Great American Eclipse by Fulco
5. Science & Children - Feb2017 - Countdown to the Great American Eclipse by Fulco
6. Science & Children - Mar2017 - Preparing for the Eclipse, How to Safely Observe the Sun with Young Children by Hurst, Plummer, Gurton and Schatz
7. Science & Children - Mar2017 - Eclipses and Eye Safety by Charles Fulco

For high school level educators:
8. The Science Teacher - Mar2017 - Total Eclipse. An Ideal Opportunity to Practice Three-Dimensional Science Learning by Schatz and Fraknoi
9. The Science Teacher - Mar2017- Becoming a Solar Eclipse Outreach Agent by Fraknoi and Schatz
10. The Science Teacher - Mar2017 - Modeling the Eclipse by Thornburgh and Tretter

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