Dr. Irina Marinova

University of Texas, Astronomy PhD program


My name is Irina Marinova. I was born in Bulgaria and lived there until the age of 10. My family and I then moved to Chicago. When I was younger, I knew that I wanted to be a scientist, but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to study. I considered being an Anthropologist, a Geologist, a Volcanologist, a Paleontologist, and a Physicist. I loved reading science books from the library and my favorite were books about the  Solar System. I was fascinated by the pictures of the planets and how different these worlds were from our own. This is when I was really inspired to become an Astronomer. I studied Physics, Math, and Astronomy at the University of Illinois, and then I moved to Austin, Texas to attend the University of Texas Astronomy PhD program. 

As a graduate student, I study the evolution of galaxies like our own Milky Way. After I receive my degree, I hope to share my love for Astronomy and science by working in education and outreach.

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