Tuesday Scavenger Hunt

  • Read "Tuesday - "Learn About Solar Close-Ups" page.
  • How far away from Earth is the Sun?  ____________________
  • Where does all of the information about the Sun come from?
  • With the best telescopes, what is the smallest an object can be for scientists to observe the object?  ______________________
  • Click on Observing the Sun at the bottom of the page.
  • Read "Observing the Sun" and answer the questions below.
  • Name the two types of high energy radiation that the Sun's atmosphere emits.
    ________________________ and ________________________________
  • The two types of radiation mentioned above are used to view the Sun's __________________.
  • What blocks the high energy radiation from harming us on Earth?
  • If scientists want to study the high energy radiation, what do they have to do? 
  • Once a telescope gathers data in space, how is the data transmitted back to Earth?  ______________________
  • Three satellites are mentioned in this reading.  Learn more about one of these satellites and write down two facts below.
    Name of satellite:  _______________________



  • Return to "Tuesday - "Learn About Solar Close-Ups " page.  
  • Click on "An Example of a Solar Telescope in Space" at the bottom and read the page.  
  • What does TRACE stand for?  ________________________
  • How many small squares make up a typical TRACE image?  ______________________
  • What are each of the small squares called?  ______________________
  • Once the EUV and UV light goes through the telescope, what records it?  _______________________
  • What does SXT stand for?  ________________________________
  • What makes the SXT special?  ____________________________________
  • Both TRACE and SXT images are made of ______________________ pixels, but SXT looks at the ________________ Sun while TRACE just looks at part of it.
  • Return to "Tuesday - "Learn About Solar Close-Ups " page.   
  • Using your new knowledge about pixels as well as your knowledge of celebrities, you are ready to play today's game.  Click on Play the Game and read the instructions that follow.



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