We’ve created several beautifully-illustrated and age-appropriate books which explore the Sun through the lens of science, culture and across time.

Grades 1-5

Auroras: Mysterious Lights in the Sky
Would you like to go to the far, far North and the far, far South...to a dark, starry night outside of your house? And to a place where scientists work, and up into space above the Earth?

Our Very Own Star, the Sun
When you look at the night sky filled with stars, have you ever wondered what a star is? Walk outside on a clear day and say, “Hello!” to our very own star – the Sun! 

Grades 5 and up

Traditions of the Sun: The Sun-Earth Connection at Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Each day begins when the morning sky starts to get light over the eastern horizon, where the Earth meets the Sky. Sunrise is so predictable that we rarely stop to think about what is happening or why. Have you ever wondered what mysteries the Sun holds? 

Traditions of the Sun: A Photographic Journey to the Yucatan
Like modern scientists, the ancient Maya were careful observers. They accurately recorded the motion of the Sun, planets, and the Moon. These observations were used to create a complex calendar to organize the events of their world. Learn more about the ancient and modern Maya (available in English and Spanish).

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