Tuesday: Solar Close-ups

Remember, during Solar Week your group can submit a couple of your best questions to the scientists and they will answer on the bulletin board

Educator/Group Leader Information: Solar Close-ups

The Sun Close-up topic, game and activities are designed to introduce your students to the solar telescopes (mostly in space) that we use to observe the Sun. In doing this they will learn about the special telescopes that are required to observe electromagnetic radiation other than visible light. We concentrate on ultraviolet and X-ray radiation which is emitted by the hot solar atmosphere. In particular, we talk about improving spatial resolution in order to "see" the Sun better. In discussing the observations we will also spend some time learning about digital images and how satellites relay information to the ground.

The activity concentrates on the digital information required to transmit image information from the telescope to the computer and finally to a picture which we use for science. The game further emphasizes the various ways in which we can improve on our ability to see the finest detail on the Sun.

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