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Last Post 3/24/2020 5:55 PM by  Christina Cohen
Does the sun spin?
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3/24/2020 1:46 PM
    (From Answer Garden):

    Does the sun spin?

    Christina Cohen

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    Basic Member

    3/24/2020 5:55 PM
    Absolutely! The funny thing about the Sun is that because it is a ball of gas and not a solid body like Earth, all of it doesn't rotate at the same rate. The equator rotates the fastest, once per 25 days, and the poles rotate the slowest at once per 36 days.

    The other interesting thing is that because the Earth is moving around the Sun (in the same direction that the Sun is rotating), it looks like to us that the Sun (at the equator) takes about 27 days to rotate. That's because when the Sun has made one rotation, the Earth has moved forward along its orbit and the Sun has to turn a little bit more (2 more days) to catch up.
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